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Touchscreen Gloves: Touch it With Your Gloves On!

The first email was sent in 1971 by MIT researcher Ray Tomlinson between two computers he was working on. Back then, it was considered the saddest pen pal correspondence ever. Today, it’s considered the start of the modern age.

Technology — email, smartphones and internet — run our lives, both at work and at home. You can’t argue that tablets and smartphones have boosted productivity in manufacturing industries. But until recently, they posed a huge safety concern because workers would need to take their gloves off to use these computers. Thanks to technological advancements touchscreen capabilities are now being incorporated into a lot of different styles of safety gloves.

touchscreen-compatible work gloves


What Makes Gloves Touchscreen Compatible?

The secret is in conductive materials. Though it may come as a surprise, you yourself conduct electricity. However, ordinary gloves block it from reaching the device; touchscreen-capable gloves act as a facilitator. When you tap the device screen, your electricity and the device can finally communicate. Today’s blog is going to look at a few different options for touchscreen gloves.


Dexterity® Ultrafine Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm:

Dexterity® Ultrafine 18-Gauge ANSI A3 Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm Product ID: S18KGFN
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Don’t get the wrong impression about these lightweight, Kevlar®-blended knit gloves. Sharing space at the top of the list in customer satisfaction, these 18-gauge ultra-fine gloves feel more like your bare hands than practically any other gloves on the market. But while you have full range of motion, great dexterity and touchscreen capability, you also get superior protection against cuts and abrasions.

Great for precision work as well as construction, these touchscreen gloves offer ANSI cut-level A3, ANSI abrasion-level 4 and ANSI puncture resistance-level 2. A foam nitrile coating on the palm also improves your grip. What more could you ask for?


Emerald CX™ 7-Gauge Kevlar/Stainless-Steel String Knit:

Emerald CX® Cut-Resistant String-Knit Gloves Product ID: SKWCP
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Touchscreen capability in a string-knit glove? Yup: you read that right! This 7-gauge knit glove, product ID: SKWCP, is not just your average knit glove. Its Kevlar®-stainless steel composite yarn with Wire-Core™/polyester plated interior gives you excellent cut protection (ANSI cut-level A4), which is ideal for industries where handling glass, metal stamping, and other sharp-edged materials are part of a day’s work.


TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palms:

TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber Level-A4 Cut-Resistant Knit with Foam Nitrile Palms Product ID: S18TAFGFN
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This was the first glove ever to be so thin but highly cut resistant. It started a revolution in glove technology that took two years of research and development.  With 1617 grams of cut protection, these 18-gauge gloves are rated for ANSI level A4 cut resistance. They also feature level 4 puncture and abrasion protection.
They’re flexible, versatile, lint-free, stronger than steel, and have a foam nitrile palm coating for good grip — even in wet conditions. But with all of that, they still offer a lightweight feeling that lets you operate your tablet without having to peel them off.

If you’re tired of having to choose between touchscreen capabilities and hand protection, click the button to get your FREE touchscreen gloves!

Want to find out more about all of different types of touchscreen-compatible gloves we offer? Check out our touchscreen gloves flyer!

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