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Why You Need to Choose Leather Gloves Treated With Oilbloc™

Are Your Leather Work Gloves Oil Resistant?

You might not know that gloves can be treated for oil resistance. Or maybe you don’t have an issue with oil seeping through your leather gloves.

If you don’t, it’s probably because you’re already using a leather glove treated for oil resistance. If that’s the case, hopefully you’re using Oilbloc™ and not some spray that will wear away in two days.

This post explores the incredible properties of Oilbloc™ and why, if you aren’t already wearing gloves with it, you need to be.

Oilbloc™ water and oil resistant properties


What is Oilbloc™?

Before going too deep into why this treatment is amazing, let’s introduce it. Oilbloc™ is created exclusively for Superior Glove to give gloves incredible water and oil repellent properties.


How Does Oilbloc™ Work?

This addition causes water and oil to bead and roll off rather than penetrate through the material. The added bonus of this is that gloves also become stain and contaminant resistance.

You might be thinking “big deal, I use sprays and waxes to keep my gloves waterproof.” Sprays and waxes are great options — if you love spending your spare time constantly reapplying them.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results, right?

Quit being nuts, throw the sprays away and let your glove manufacturer do the work for you!


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What Sets Oilbloc™ Apart?

What sets Oilbloc™ apart from other oil-resistant treatments is that it’s added right into the tanning process. This way the treatment is drawn into the cross-section of the leather, going right through the hide. This enhancement causes water and oil to bead and roll off rather than penetrate through the material. It also means the gloves will be stain and contaminant resistant.

When you’re working away at your job and those gloves start to wear and abrade the surface of the glove away, the oil-resistant properties aren’t affected. Your gloves with Oilbloc™ will repel oil on day 35 as well as they did on day 1.


Want to be as happy as this guy?

Gloves treated with Oilbloc™ to repel oil


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