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Made in Canada: A Celebration of Canadian Gloves and Sleeves

There’s never a bad time to celebrate innovation.

For all us here at Superior Glove, this drive to innovate has inspired all the tremendous work our employees have done for generations and continue to do each and every day. A big part of that innovative spirit, of course, can be found in our gloves and sleeves, which we’re always refining and retooling, as we bring together great minds in our locations all around the world, from Honduras to Newfoundland.

And over the decades, we’ve only gotten better, with our Canadian-made gloves really bringing something unique to the table.

With Canada Day right around the corner, we wanted to highlight what it means to be “made in Canada” and why you should be proud to wear Canadian-made safety apparel.

Production, On-Demand

Many of today’s best-selling gloves are actually made overseas. If your distributor happens to be well-stocked in the particular glove you need, you’re unlikely to experience a difference; however, when inventories are low, you’ll be thankful your gloves are made in Canada.

Why? Well, the production time for gloves made in Canada is less than six weeks. How long for imported gloves? Gloves imported from overseas can take up to three months to produce – can your workers wait that long for hand safety?

Quality Control

There’s another issue with those imported gloves – they are the product of many hands and many companies working together to produce an end product. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, but once a company outsources part of the work to another company, the original company no longer has one hundred percent control over quality. 

From the engineered yarn to the last cuff stitch, Superior Glove has a vertically-integrated supply chain for our made-in-Canada gloves, which is why we can guarantee their quality with certainty.

Better Innovation, Better Fit

Take a look at your hand. Turn it over, looking carefully at the webbing between your fingers – is it straight? No, it’s not. The webbing between your fingers follows the natural contour of your hand, meaning the space between your pinky and ring finger is deeper than between your index and middle finger.

So why do most gloves have aligned webbing?

That’s a question Superior Glove asked long ago and in answering that question, developed one of our most innovative technologies to date – True Hand Technology (THT). Unlike most work gloves, which go straight across the hand, our THT gloves conform between the fingers, allowing you to maintain dexterity and a “full-hand” feel without limiting your comfort.

Canadian innovation + Canadian quality = A better performing glove!

Check Out Our Top-Selling Canadian-Made Safety Apparel

Deciding on that perfect glove or sleeve can be a challenge. With the help of our experts, however, we hope that you’ll be prepared to tackle any uncertainty with ease. Some of our Canadian-made gloves and sleeves really do speak to this.

The Eco-Friendly Glove

The S15NT, thanks to a nitrile coating additive, is 100% biodegradable, with a nitrile dipped palm coating that allows for both abrasion and puncture resistance. Additionally, comfort and dexterity aren’t limited. A comfortable, high-performing glove with no environmental side effects – what could be better?

Dexterity® - NT 15-gauge Cotton Knit with Nitrile Palms

Mr. Popularity

One of our most popular styles, the S18TAFGFN boasts both a barehanded feel and a foam nitrile palm, as well as high-strength fiber that allows for enhanced hand comfort and glove life. Additionally, this glove is silicone free and touchscreen compatible and offers abrasion, cut and puncture resistance.

Cool, Calm and Unmovable

The KTAG sleeve has STAYz-UP™ armbands which hold it in place and allow for full arm coverage and a cool feel, while offering protection from cut hazards, abrasion risks and dirt.

The Ultimate Winter Protection

The SKG/PXNE comes with a blend of Kevlar® and Protex® yarns that allow it to offer protection from both cut and heat hazards. It is rated for use with high heat applications up to 260°C / 500°F, while the flame-resistant neoprene palm coating increases grip. As an added bonus, it is insulated for winter protection.

‘The Beast’

Nicknamed ‘The Beast,’ the SKGCXPS was specifically designed for the demanding requirements of automotive assembly and metal fabrication plants. This glove has a fiber blend which provides strong cut resistance without sacrificing comfort, dexterity or tactile sensitivity.

The reinforced thumb crotch helps to reduce wear in a critical, high-use area, while the glove is fully launderable and treated with Size-Lock™ to prevent shrinkage.

Guess What? It Gets Better

Many of our Canadian-made gloves and sleeves, just like so many of the items in our always-growing lineup, are available with touchscreen compatibility, free of latex, and are 99.9% antimicrobial. 

Canadian-made gloves, just like Canada itself, have a long-standing and diverse history. At Superior Glove, we’re proud of our Canadian roots, with plants in Ontario and Newfoundland, inspiring the spirit and quality standards which can be found in all our locations the world over. 

So much of this great story has yet to be written and we can’t wait to see what happens next. 

To all of you celebrating, Happy Canada Day! 

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