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Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors – 2019 NBA Champions!

The NBA Finals are over and for the first time, the Toronto Raptors are NBA champions, after defeating the Golden State Warriors in six games.

With the attention of an entire country captivated, night-after-night, the Raptors put the sports world on notice, completing their most successful season in franchise history by ending the reign of the back-to-back champs.

There’s a saying often used in North American sports: things are just different in June, once the championship is finally on the line. It’s when the games are at their most challenging, most intense, when the players give everything they have. When it comes to safety in the workplace, the stakes, much like the NBA Finals, can be high, requiring that same level of dedication. And it helps to be protected.

Here are six gloves that have kept us in the basketball spirit – and can help to protect you from whatever dangers you might be facing. From a tough defensive assignment to a serious abrasion risk, we’ve got you covered!


Offering abrasion, cut, and puncture resistance, the S13FRNE comes with a 13-gauge knit shell that increases both dexterity and hand movement, alongside a neoprene palm coating that allows for better grip.

Kevlar®-blended and scientifically engineered with flame-resistant fibers, this glove is designed to hold up to the most unpredictable of hazards.


With spandex woven right into its composition, the STACXPNRT blends both comfort and tactile sensitivity without sacrificing its grip in wet or oil-based conditions thanks to micropore nitrile palms.

The thumb crotch is reinforced with nitrile to prevent wear while the entire glove boasts abrasion, cut, and puncture resistance.


With foam-laminated spandex backs that can stretch to allow for full freedom of movement, the MXGCE offers ergonomic shaping to the hand, allowing for all-day comfort. The goatskin leather palms and a protected thumb crotch are both strong, durable, and offer excellent abrasion resistance.


Designed with a composite-filament fiber blend, the S13NGFN also comes with a foam nitrile palm coating, which improves its grip while not limiting its feel, keeping it snug and close to the hand. This glove is also abrasion, cut, and puncture resistant.


With a combination of nylon and fine-gauge steel, the S13KBFNT offers cut protection alongside knit wrists, which keep the glove fitting snugly. The lint-free nylon is equally lightweight and tough, allowing for touch sensitivity, dexterity, and comfort when material handling.


With its D3O® elastomer that shields vulnerable areas from knocks by absorbing and displacing energy, the MXD3O comes with both a Kevlar® thumb patch to prevent wear in a high-stress area and adjustable Velcro® cuffs, which offer additional protection and comfort.

Flexibility holds up in cold weather, with only an 8% loss in impact protection. Additionally, the PVC Sure Grip® palm and fingertip patches enhance grip, while offering abrasion and puncture resistance.

The Raptors might be champions and the basketball season might be over but safety never slows down. Whatever your work hazards, making sure you’re protected to the highest possible degree can make all the difference between a successful day and a dangerous one, even if you’re only playing a game of pick-up.

Plan ahead: don’t leave anything to chance.

If you’d like to know more about adapting safe work practices, including PPE compliance, check out our Decision Tree.

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