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Best Glove Choices: Oil & Gas Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Oil & Gas Industry Spotlight

When you work in the Oil & Gas industry, you know you’re going to be being exposed to a number of different dangers on a daily basis.

Since crushing, pinching, cut, and puncture hazards are a constant threat in these kinds of workplaces, it’s important to make sure your hands are always well protected.

We know you want to be ready for anything that crosses your path, many of the work gloves we’ve designed for Oil & Gas workers feature back-of-hand anti-impact technology arc flash protection,and best of all, exceptional grip – even on oily surfaces.


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To help you choose the best pair of gloves for your employees, this week’s spotlight showcases the best of the best: our hand protection recommendations for those in the oil and gas industry.

Note: you’ll notice that all of the gloves below were crafted with goatskin. Often referred to as nature’s stronger leather, goatskin is known for its high tensile strength and offering unparalleled abrasion-resistance.

We select it most often for work gloves in this field because we know it’ll withstand the wear and tear of the oil and gas industry.


Endura® Goat-Grain Arc Flash Driver Gloves:

Endura® Goat-Grain Arc Flash Cut-Resistant Driver Glove Product ID: 378GKTFG
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  • ANSI cut level A4
  • Puncture resistance level 3
  • Arc-flash level 3 (ATPV = 36 cal/cm²)

We’ll start with a classic: the 378GKTFG.

Many corporations in this field have specific guidelines when it comes to PPE.

One of these standards is that if it’s a leather work glove, it has to be all leather – so that all areas of your hands are protected.

A phenomenal choice for oil and gas workers for a variety of reasons, these Endura® goat-grain driver gloves meet the requirement.

Made from the highest quality goatskin available, these gloves will protect you against a number of different hazards at the same time; their ANSI cut level 4 rating, high resilience, reliable abrasion resistance, and level 3 arc flash protection are all assets within this industry.

Best of all, because of the leather they’re crafted with, these gloves won’t fall apart or combust while you’re on the job – meaning that you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time. It’s no wonder they’re one of our best-sellers!

Like the face that launched 1000 ships, these gloves have been such a popular choice over the years that they’ve inspired the creation of a family of other, similar glove styles.


Endura® Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Kevlar®/Composite Filament Fiber Lining and Gauntlet Cuff:

Endura® Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Kevlar®/Composite Filament Fiber Lining and Gauntlet Cuff Product ID: 399GKGL5
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  • ANSI cut level A4
  • Puncture resistance level 4
  • Extended gauntlet cuff / wing thumb for durability and comfort
  • Heat protection up to 284°F

This style offers these benefits while still being extremely soft and lightweight, they’re a great choice for this industry.

If you’re looking for work gloves that will provide you with the same advantages you’d expect of the gloves above and protect you from harsh weather conditions, you might also want to consider one of our winter styles.


Endura® Winter Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Kevlar® Lining

Endura® Winter Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Kevlar® Lining and Gauntlet Cuff Product ID: 399GKGTL5
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  • ANSI cut level A4
  • Puncture resistance level 5
  • Extended gauntlet cuff
  • Thinsulate™ lining for winter protection to 14°F/-10°C

If you know that you’re going to be working outside in the cold, these goat-grain gloves are an excellent choice: they’re the winter-friendly version of our 399GKGL5s. Because of this, along with offering many of the same benefits of the 399GKGL5 style, these gloves also feature a Thinsulate™ lining – meaning they’ll keep your hands warm in extreme conditions without being overly bulky.


Endura® Kevlar®-Lined Waterstop™/Oilbloc™ Goat-Grain Driver Gloves

Endura® Arc Flash Goat-Grain Drivers Glove With Waterstop™/Oilbloc™ Product ID: 378GOBKL
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  • ANSI cut level A4
  • Puncture resistance level 4
  • Treated with both Oilbloc™ and Waterstop™ for unbeatable water and oil repellency

This style is known for being extremely resilient against oil and water seepage.

We recognize that workers in the oil and gas industry come into contact with so many different types of liquids every day, these gloves are processed with our own Oilbloc™ treatment – which ensures that oil won’t soak through the leather hours (or even days!) after it’s dropped onto the glove.

Additionally, this particular style is also treated with Waterstop™ – a fluoro-chemical treatment known for its effectiveness in repelling water and oil. Offering double the protection against liquids, you can’t go wrong with this glove if you’re working at an oil rig: this style will ensure your hands will always stay protected against hazardous liquids.

Because they’re so durable, they’ll also last you a very long time.

Searching for a glove that’s suitable for all of the hazards you’d normally encounter in the Oil and Gas industry, but that also offers a superior level of anti-impact protection? You’ll love this next one:


Endura® Oilbloc™ Goatskin Kevlar®-Lined Anti-Impact Driver Gloves

Endura® Oilbloc™ Goatskin Kevlar®-Lined Anti-Impact Driver Gloves Product ID: 378GKGVB
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  • ANSI cut level A5
  • Level 3 arc-flash resistance (ATPV=36 cal/cm²)
  • TPR anti-impact backing / anti-vibe padded palm
  • Water and oil repellent
  • In addition to being water and oil repellent like the other styles in this family, these gloves also feature padded palms for vibration dampening, and black TPR anti-impact backing. No banged up hands with these gloves!


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