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5 Features to Look for in Mechanics Gloves

Bumps, scrapes, and bruises are only a few of the many hazards that come with working as a mechanic. That’s why a good pair of mechanics gloves are so important.

The right gloves can protect you from injuries without interfering with your work. This post will highlight key features to look for in mechanics gloves as well as some of our best-selling mechanics gloves.

automotive mechanics working under car

1. Breathability:

Whether you’re working in the sweltering heat or dead of winter, buying gloves that allow your hands to breathe will make you more comfortable.

Your hands can still sweat in winter, which will make you feel even colder. In the summer, some gloves feel like your own personal hand-shaped ovens.

To fight this lack of breathability, some gloves have a moisture-wicking liner but you may find these styles of gloves too bulky.

If that’s the case, look for a glove made with nylon or polyester. These breathable, lightweight fabrics wick away moisture, dry quickly and resist pilling and abrasion.

Our standard Clutch Gear® Mechanics Glove, pictured below, is a good choice if you don’t need cut or impact protection.

clutch gear mechanics glove mxbe
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2. Impact Protection:

Every mechanic has done it — you drop a tool or an automotive part right on your hand. There’s a constant threat of impact that’s not only incredibly painful, but can cause a good amount of damage to your body.

The solution to this pain? Anti-impact gloves.

Anti-impact gloves help absorb shock and reduce the severity of injury.

How Do Anti-Impact Gloves Work?

Pads of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or D3O are placed in key areas on the back of the gloves — the back of hand and along the backs of the fingers.

These pads are situated to intercept impact in the most likely spots, but without interfering with dexterity like our Clutch Gear® Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves.

Clutch Gear® Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves MXVSB
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3. Cut Resistance:

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard when talking with mechanics and automotive industry experts is that most cut-resistant mechanics gloves are too bulky.

While keeping hands safe from cuts is important, being able to stick your hand in small spaces without feeling squished is equally important.

To help with that, we designed the Clutch Gear® Slim Cut Mechanics Glove, pictured below.

Although this glove is sleek, it’s also rated for ANSI level A4 cut resistance, great for most general purpose duties in a mechanics shop.

Clutch Gear® Slim Cut-Resistant Mechanics Glove With Black Goat-Grain Palms
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4. Good Grip:

A day without grease, oil, and fuel is a day when a mechanic probably isn’t at work.

Aside from new parts coming straight out of the box, practically everything you touch has a slippery or grimy coating of petroleum-based materials.

For this reason, palm coatings that are effective at displacing oil help keep your grip tight, even in a greasy work environment.

Micropore nitrile coatings go about improving grip in a different way from some mechanics gloves. The micropores act like tiny suction cups to displace liquid, and create mild suction that lets you hold onto your work instead of dropping it.

Our TenActiv™ Hi-Viz Gloves with Micropore Nitrile improve grip plus offer several other safety features.

TenActiv™ Anti-Impact Hi-Viz Glove with Micropore Nitrile Grip Product ID: STAGYPNVB
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5. High Dexterity:

Freedom of movement is the crucial difference between gloves that stay on and those that find themselves in a heap on the garage floor.

Without good dexterity, a mechanic can’t handle small parts, manipulate tools or wrestle with something that just doesn’t want to break loose.

That’s where a glove like our Clutch Gear® Three Open-Finger Gloves can be great.

Originally developed for framers who are continually grabbing nails, these gloves have been adopted by the mechanics community to keep them safe without inhibiting work.

Clutch Gear® Three Open-Finger Framers Glove MXFE
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